Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A HUGE THANK YOU!! To all the authors who stopped in this month!

I renamed the blog this month. For the month of June thus far, it's been the Kinky Bitches, focusing on authors who write kink - in whichever way they choose to write it. Some write from their own lives, some write with a very realistic approach and a lot of outside consultation, others write ... well, who would like to speculate about their activities? Hmmm?!

Throughout this month, I have been joined by an array of writers of kink/BDSM. Fabulous authors have answered some questions and I've been featuring some of their books.
A huge Thank You to all the participating authors for agreeing to this impromtu gathering of minds!

And another Thank You for all the donations of prizes for the month long giveaway - The prize pool is almost of epic proportions! Your generosity is amazing - Thank You so very much :)

As I still have had commitments for other blog posts, to differentiate between Kinky posts and normal posts, the sections had a make over too - Author Lowdown was Kinky Lowdown, Spotlights were Kinky Spotlights and so on.
Without the Kink, it was just a post!

During the next week, the kinksters has gone back to the Dungeon to play; can't keep them out of there for too long!! This week is dedicated to New Releases, Blog Tours and Cover Reveals!
On board the mid-June chugger, I have:
Dianna Hardy, Eve Langlais, R.S. Grey, Chelsea Camaron, David Michael and Becca Lee.
What a great bunch of authors! (I hope they all get along well together, otherwise your favourite author might get tossed overboard, and we wouldn't want that to happen now would we!)

The Kinky Rafflecopter is open til the end of June and if we're really good girls and boys, there might even be some more authors stopping by in the last week.

~The Queen B~

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  1. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much. <3

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt from Fiona Archer's new book :-) Thanks for this great giveaway.

  3. I enjoyed the interview and review with Fiona. And, I've just liked your Facebook page. Thanks for the intro Fiona to The Picky Bitches.

    Ginger Robertson aka robertsonreads