The Queen B

The Queen B - That's me!

I created this blog to provide an island for some writers who were suddenly adrift after a cruise ship sank in a spectacular fashion.

I'm a Copy Editor who loves to read - probably a good thing! - and I love to interview authors. You'll find my author interviews under Author Lowdown. I haven't asked any gritty questions yet - I like to keep my friends - but if there's something in particular you want to know, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Same if you'd like to hear from your favourite author. I can't work miracles but I can ask! I attempt to review books, but compared to others I've read, mine seem lacking. I tend not to analyse the book but convey my feelings on it instead. Sometimes it works, other times not. I have a hallway full of bookshelves and once we ran out of room there, I filled my phone and tablet with eBooks in Kindle and Kobo apps. That's not including the epub/pdf's in Aldiko ones either ... Now the bookshelf can breathe easy!

I live on the opposite side of the world to the rest of the team, which means that I essentially post in the future! Love me a time warp! I have an odd sense of humour that tends to be a little quirky and off the wall. It takes time to get used to if I unleash it here, but I'm sure you'll cope! There's another quirky writer here in the guise of a New Yorker, so we could be double trouble.

I have three children, three animals, a bloke who acts like he's three and we live on three acres! Sensing a theme here ...

Enjoy the blog and all the different things we post about. I'm sure there'll be something for everyone once we get our writers hats on straight. Or set on a jaunty angle.


Given the amount of posts going up, I'm going to pop the links to the groupings rather than the individual posts - I just can't keep up!!

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