The Nevada Bookworm

What can I say? I'm addicted to reading. I'm seldom seen without an e-reader or book in my hand. My tastes tend to be eclectic - mostly science fiction, fantasy, romance and mysteries - but I'm always open to suggestions. I love action plots with characters who touch me. Hot is certainly good too, but not at the expense of plot or characterization.

I grew up in Highland Park, a small community between Pasadena and Glendale in Los Angeles. I met my husband when I was 5 and married him when I was 19. (Admittedly there were about 10 years in there where I figured he had boy cooties and ignored him.) We worked our way through college and finally ended up in Las Vegas teaching school. (Yes, there's a real town here - and a relatively conservative one at that.)

We retired in 2003 and traveled a lot until I lost him unexpectedly in 2012. I'm still learning how to live on my own; widowhood has a VERY steep learning curve! I play with my computer, read a lot, write book reviews, and have recently adopted a stray cat who thinks my job is to pet and hold him. Thank heavens for e-readers, they're much easier to read one-handed!


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