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Skye's Trail (Angelini #1) by Jory Strong

Skye's Trail (The Angelini, #1)

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For Skye Delano, the hunt and the kill are sometimes inexorably tied together. Her origins shrouded behind an impenetrable wall of mental pain, Skye has survived and evolved into a tracker, a hunter who metes out justice to those who prey on the helpless. Alone but not lonely, she's been content with her life. But now her body is changing and there's an underlying craving that's left her restless. She needs to take a mate - or rather, two mates...

Detective Rico Santana wants and needs Skye - for himself, and to track a couple of kids who have gone missing. In all the centuries that Giovanni Banderali has been alive, he's never desired any woman enough to bind her to him as a companion. That changed the moment he saw Skye. She's a threat to the fledgling vampires he's searching for, but nothing will stop him from claiming her - not even the Angelini blood that flows through her veins. Adversaries, natural enemies - dangerous allies - the bond that links them is stronger than lust, more powerful than love. When an Angelini chooses a mate, no man can resist

A good read, the author has constructed an interesting new paranormal race - the Angelini. The heroine is an Angelini with no knowledge of her past and incomplete knowledge of her powers or needs who spends her time as a hunter for justice. Justice she sometimes administers ... As the story progresses she finds her mates - one is a human cop who is not happy with her breaking the laws and exposing herself to danger, the other is a vampire who is not happy about the exposing herself to danger part or her ability to throw off his thrall. Neither of them is happy about sharing ...

The plot involves missing girls and wannabe vampires ... along with murder, assorted mayhem, and black magic. And, oh yeah, neither the cop nor the heroine believe in vampires ...

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