Thursday, 20 February 2014

Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout


He’s arrogant, domineering, and... To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer. And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn’t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys. Most of the time he enjoys his job. That is, until he’s saddled with something he’s never had to do before: protect a human from his mortal enemy.

Serena Cross didn’t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the son of a powerful senator turn into something... unnatural. Who would? But then she witnesses her friend’s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien, thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.

Hunter stirs Serena’s temper and her lust despite their differences. Soon he’s doing the unthinkable—breaking the rules he’s lived by, going against the government to keep Serena safe. But are the aliens and the government the biggest threats to Serena’s life… or is it Hunter?

Just so you're all aware, this is a spin-off of Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series, and while I was initially led to believe this was a stand-alone, I was deceived. Hence my below letter of outrage to the author... no, I never mailed it.  I can't afford to risk being banned from her website.  And, no, for the record you DO NOT need to read Lux to read this series, but it would help with the backstory.

Dear Jennifer Armentrout,
Why have you messed with my neat, perfect little world?  All I have ever asked for is a good book, maybe a series here and there, something fun and interesting with cool characters and a dash of action.  I found that in the Lux series and oh how I loved my Daemon and Katy.  But now?  Now?  Well now you've gone and fucked up my head.  And then to discover this is another series?  Oh Jennifer, I thought we were friends.  I felt a love thing brewing between us and now, well... now I don't know how I feel about "us" anymore.  Part of me wants to snuggle you and pet your head while we sip hot chocolate and watch The Walking Dead reruns together (yes, I know you love that show, see how much I respect our relationship?).  Another part of me - my fist, to be exact - wants to punch you.  I mean, since I have no doubt you will be weaving the Lux and Arum stories together, how long will I have to wait to get all the answers I need?  Is it really fair for you to put so much pressure on our relationship while still in its infancy?  I don't even have a solid commitment from you, there's no ring, nothing on your blog about a sequel.  What kind of girl do you take me for?

And now, to top it all off, I have no idea what to do anymore.  Am I team Arum?  Am I team Luxen?  Do I want Hunter and Daemon to battle epically or have a love-fest?  Can these new developments be overcome without a war?  And why do I now have feels for an Arum in the first place?  Weren't they supposed to be the badies?  Where does that leave me when Daemon comes back in Origin?  How can I face him with the knowledge that I've betrayed our love?  And why the fuck do I feel like I'm spinning in circles?

Just for the record, Jen (I can call you that, right?), I hate love triangles.  I really, truly do.  And now I'm in one, up to my neck almost submerged in one.  Until today, I had one alien love.  Sure, he was an ass sometimes and kind of a bossypants, but he was sexy and funny and... well, sexy.  Plus he could do all kinds of crazy-cool stuff like bend time, move faster than light and heal people, and when he was super mad he'd glow like the sun.  Now I'm feeling a pull to the dark side.  There's a new alien in town and he's all smokey and dark, he's cool to the touch and kills without conscience but he's also a dirty, dirty boy who likes to take charge *wink wink*  How am I supposed to choose?

At least you didn't try to make me choose between Serena and Katy.  Phew!  Katy still wins hands down and if given the opportunity, I'm certain would kick Serena's ass.  Kitten's got claws and will not be replaced.  It's not that you've made Serena unlikeable per se, but I'm not sure I really got to know her as this book was sort of on the short side for you.  Add to that the dual POV's and only half the book was Serena's.  So why do I feel I know Hunter better?  I'm not entirely sure I know the answer.  It almost seemed like he had more to say and farther to go.  Whatever the reason, Katy still wins, hands down.

So, in closing Ms. Armentrout, I am drowning in feels.  I am a squishy, gooey, bundle of smushiness and I blame you.  Worse still, I am now committed to ANOTHER series, which I do not need at present - I mean, have you seen my TBR pile?  I'm already committed to reading for the next 300 years and that's only if I never add another book!  I need answers.  Who the hell is running this damn Eagle Project?  Are there really 80 billion aliens ready to descend on this planet?  Why is the DOD holding Katy?  Why are the Arum working for them?  Why is Luc tied up in all of this and what's his plan?  Why was Daemon facing off with Hunter?  What's with the damn chocolate?  Is Kitten okay?  My brains hurt. And if loving Hunter and Daemon feels so wrong, why am I prepared to go all ninja on someone's ass if they mess with them?

Please help me sort this all out by quickly releasing the balance of both series so that I don't wind up on a 72 hour hold.  I promise, if you do that, all will be forgiven.

Your still adoring fan,

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