Monday, 17 February 2014

From This Day Forward (Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy #2) by Mackenzie Lucas

From This Day Forward: Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy

OK, they had me at ‘dragon shifter’. I love dragon shifter stories and this one did not disappoint, although there is a definite twist to this author’s interpretation. There is lots more magic involved for one thing.

The hero is Noah, an ice dragon shifter, who has spent most of his married life as a Special Forces soldier. The reason? By Council ruling male dragons cannot live with their families until the youngest child reaches five… And Noah and his wife, April, have three stair step daughters so they’ve been constrained to short visits for nine of the ten years of their marriage. But their youngest is five now and April intends to convince her husband to stay home from now on…

April is an interesting character in her own right. She is human but comes from a LONG line of seers and oracles. They practice geomancy – not so much the sudden vision in the head but the interpretation of physical clues and omens. And right now April is in denial because the portents are building up, way up, like disaster in the making up, and she really doesn’t want to know.

Noah and April love each other deeply. She wants him home to have a father for her children and a husband for herself. He isn’t sure he can leave the adrenaline-drenched world of Special Forces. Then he is attacked, both magically and mundanely, and his family is threatened. Suddenly he knows what’s important and what’s not.

There are definite threads laid down for future books. Although this story is safely resolved, it’s obvious there are more plots, more intrigues and more mayhem on the way.

Based on publication date, it appears that To Have & To Hold is the first book in the series. I haven’t read it and am unsure if there is a series arc but this one seemed to function well as a stand-alone.

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