Saturday, 13 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Vengeance (Immortal Saviour #1) K.K.Gould

Vengeance (Immortal Savior Series #1)



Elizabeth is ½ vampire and ½ wolf who has been abducted and by Frederic Hahn who kept her chained, starved and rapped her. She finally escapes and is found half dead by a wolf Jason who belongs to the North wolf pack. They decide to adopt Elizabeth so they can keep her same form the sadistic vampire that did that to her.
10 years pass and she is starting to feel safe and getting on with her life. When an updated list revels and new wolf in the north pack it has vampires wondering if she is the one that got away. Braxton is sent by the organisation to keep her safe as they feel that Hahn will try to take her again. Braxton has a personal vendetta against Hahn as Hahn killed Brax’s mate 200 years ago.  When Braxton finds Liza he realises that she is his true mate. True mates are very rare and most believe a fantasy.
Hahn succeeds in his evil plan to abduct Liza again, the pack and the Vampires band together to save her.
Vengeance is a brilliant start to the Immortal Savior series.  This is a series worth reading.

I received this ARC for an honest review. 

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