Thursday, 25 June 2015

REVIEW!!! The Spell of Summer (Once Twice Thrice #1) by Dianna Hardy

The Spell of Summer (Once Times Thrice, #1)


The spell of summer (once trice thrice) by Dianna Hardy

Dianna Hardy’s Spell of Summer proves that magic does exists and that no matter what if you are meant to be together then you will be. Regardless of how much time passes if you are meant to be it will be.
When Meredith says another man’s name at the alter on her wedding day her fiancee Michael decides that they need some time apart to reassess their commitment to each other. Even though she is upset by this Meredith goes along with his wishes and goes back to her home town. A place she hasn't been since she was 16 when she left with her mother to make a new start in London. On her last night their Meredith meets Jamie when he saves her life; he then shows her the best night of her life.
Even though Meredith and Jamie went their separate ways and they had lives of their own 13 years latter fate shows them what was meant to be. It is not all smooth sailing and what about Michael? With a little bit of magic anything is possible!
Spell of summer is a wonderfully written book and I found it enthralling. It is nice to let some magic into my life and reminds us to let some” magic” into our own lives. A lovely romance was a pleasure to read this ARC for my honest review. Would recommend this to anyone. 

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