Sunday, 14 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Beneath the Broken Moon #3 Sarah Makela

Beneath the Broken Moon: Part Three (Broken, #3)



Wow Carmela is in trouble now, after her father beat her and tried to rape her. Carmela runs to the first place she thinks she will be safe Derek’s.  Elliott Derek’s friend gets abducted right out from under their noses and Carmela’s cousin is also abducted while out looking for Carmela.
Brendan not accepting any more of her father’s excuses about why he can’t talk to her he goes to her house and overhears her father yelling at her mother about her running away. It doesn’t take Brendan long to track her down at Derek’ s. This brings up more questions for our threesome hopefully they will get the answers they are looking for.
Sarah does a successful telling of the pain and confusion Carmela is going through and the conflict of the three of them. How it is not acceptable for a shifter and a vampire to be together they could be killed for such a thing. Brendan also wants her and she also wants him as well as Derek. Who will end up with the happily ever after will any of them end up with a happily ever after only time will tell. Bring on the next instalment !!!
I received this ARC for an honest review I really am enjoying the broken moon series and think anyone who reads it will enjoy it as well.

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