Monday, 8 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Tempted By The Jaguar (Complete Edition) BY Cristina Rayne

Tempted by the Jaguar: The Complete Edition (Riverford Shifters Book 1)



Transformation: We met Kylie Moore who is a shifter buy by the age 20 had not shifted, that is until she is kidnapped by a serial killer. Kylie shifts in an attempt to save herself. When she shifted not only did the human killer see her but the jaguar whose territory they were in. Hunter the jaguar is then needing to track Kylie down as she is a Jaguar in a territory that she does not belong to and the pack needs to make sure she abide byes the rules. 
Kylie believes her parents are both dead and her adoptive father is helping her find their clans to and see where she belongs. With the help of a cougar shifter Karen, Kylie is trying to find her way in the shifter world.
Hunter is taking Kylie to see the Jaguar elders who are pleased to see another female shifter as they are rear. Though this book you get the feeling that there is more going on and Kylie is keeping some big secrets but so is hunter. Kylie is also introduced to Maxim who is a tiger shifter.

Revelation:  Things progress future between Kylie and Hunter. When things come across an injured wolf that had been attacked by a lioness. The Lions are considered the bad guys in the shifter world something like the Mafia. The wolf brings news that Hunters brother who had been missing, he had been kidnapped by the lions and is being used for experiments and tortured is still alive.
While Hunter and Kylie are fighting the lioness Kylie shifts into a Lioness, revealing the secret that she was trying to keep hidden. That she is a polyshiter. In the shifter world a polyshifter is a bad thing. As Kylie was keeping this tremendous secret from Hunter he not only feels hurt and betrayed he is also worried that Kylie may be working for the lions as a spy.

Ramification: Kylie does the only thing that she knows to do and that’s get her adopted father and run. They only get as far as their friend Karen’s house when the lioness attacks them. Paul is hurt and is taken to the shifter hospital. Kyle and Hunter with the help of Maxim make plans to go and rescue the people that the lions are keeping as prisoners and experimenting on. The lions have Hunters brother, Maxims mate and possible Kylie’s mother.

Infiltration: Hunter, Kylie and Maxim’s team of people make it to the lion’s farm where they are holding all the other shifter and one of Kylie’s human friends. They manage to make their way into the complex and are able to find and save all of the other shifters except the cougar shifter that was thought to be Kylies mum. Some of the shifters are not in a good way…

Having received this as an ARC for an honest review I think that it would be a good read for people who enjoy the shifter stories with a bit of action packed drama thrown in.

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