Wednesday, 10 June 2015

REVIEW!! Love Beyond Sight (The Outsiders #4) by Rebecca Royce

Love Beyond Sight (The Outsiders, #4)



The fourth book in the Outsiders series this is an amazing series. Even though I never read the books in order I wold recommend reading them in the correct order for maximum enjoyment. In this book more of the outsiders join the group and find and join as units with their soul mates they then become stronger as a person and as a group.

When Leonardo and Marina are knocked unconscious by a trap that Sebastian had set, Eden and Samuel come up with a plan to save them. The only way to save them is to kill Sebastian’s human body which will release his evil spirit setting it free to cause all the chaos that he wants to cause and to complete his plan for world domination and use the humans as animals.

All that stands between this happening and the humans continuing living in ignorance is The Outsiders and all 18 need to be together and joined with their soul mates to stop this happening.

Rebecca Royce is a masterful story teller and I am looking forward to reading the final installment and to meet the final four outsiders.   This is a must read story and as I received this Arc for an honest review I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. 

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