Tuesday, 2 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Beneath The Broken Moon (Broken #2) by Sarah Makela

Beneath the Broken Moon: Part Two (Broken, #2)



Carmela, Derek and Brendan are back where is their story going to take us now?
Carmela is on her date with Brendan the wolf her father had picked for her. While on their date the Cazador (hunters of vampire and nocturnal. Carmela and Brendan are both injured Derek and his friend Elliott come to their aid. Even though vampires and nocturnes are more likely to kill first and not help. Derek finds it hard to hide his feelings for Carmela from Elliott and Brendan.

Once they make it back home to Brendan’s and his parents’ house they call the Dr and Carmela’s parents. Her father shows his abusive side in front of the Alpha of the city. Brendan and Carmela both keep the help from the vampires’ secret. Her father in a drunken rage beats and nearly rapes her. Carmela is forced to flee her family will she find sanctuary with Derek the Vampire, Brendan the wolf she was promised to or run away to the outlands where all the outcasts live.

Sarah Makela is a masterful story teller this part of the story was filled with gripping page turning action and suspense. This is definitely a series to be reading and I highly recommend it.

After receiving this Arc for an honest review I can honestly say I was not disappointed and think any reader of the paranormal will enjoy this story.

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