Friday, 26 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Last Alpha by Ruby Fielding

Last Alpha: a Highland shifter romance



Jenny Layne writes a blog about supernatural. Multi- billionaire Jonathan Carr asks Jenny to come to his castle in Scotland to interview him on the research into werewolves and the reintroduction of animals that no longer exist in the highlands of Scotland.

 Billy Stewart whom Jenny meets at a trial for a guy she went to school with who thought he was a werewolf and was killing people. Billy falls in love with Jenny he falls hard and he falls fast. He admits to Jenny that he is the last werewolf.  Billy is the one to get her to Scotland; he has been traveling all over the world looking for anything that might be another shifter as he is hoping to not be the last one.
It is a touching story about the struggle and loneliness of the last shifter who only wants to be loved and his soul mate.

A highly recommendable story and this is my honest review after receiving the ARC.  

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