Saturday, 27 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Rescued? By The Wolf by Cristina Rayne

 Rescued? by the Wolf (Riverford Shifters #1.5)


Rescued? By the wolf buy Cristina Rayne

This is a great accompaniment to Tempted by the Jaguar and takes place after the foe mentioned book. Rescued? By the wolf is another great read written by Cristina Rayne. A lone lion who does not want to follow in the family traditions of being an assassin and has been on the run for the last three years. Until the lion retrievers find her in a sleepy town. Out of desperation she jumps into a complete stranger’s truck to get away.  The truck belongs to a wolf who helped in the Tempted by the Jaguar to take out the lion compound.
Even though the Lions are considered very bad in the shifter world in these stories Victoria (Tori) and her new wolf friend Nolan hit it off and become very good friends. After they help each other with their lion problems and Tori even saves his life.
A great Novella and a nice touch of romance to give the reader a warm fuzzy feeling.

This is my honest review after reading the ARC. 

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