Thursday, 11 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Back Stage (Power Station #3) by T. Gephart

Back Stage (Power Station #3)



T.Gephart keeps giving and giving in this series I am so in love with the characters in this series. The way T. Gephart writes their stories she has me chuckling from the start. She also brings the right amount of heartache and drama into the stories to balance out the lovey dovey stuff. I love the Power Station series of T. Gephart and will be reading more of her books I can’t recommend them strongly enough.   
Jason is the keyboard player for Power Station had a night with Angie and after breaks her heart and her self-worth. Jason feeling her was not worthy to have a relationship was the reason he walked away from Angie.
The Power Station opening band was released from their contract and Angie’s band Black Addiction is taken on as their opening band. Angie is still in love with Jason even if she won’t admit it to herself.  They pick things up where they left off 10 years before but all the unresolved issues come crashing down on their heads and leaves them both devastated. Troy steps in and makes them talk to each other and gets the story of Jason’s own heartache and betrayal and they are able to move on from there.
I revived this ARC for and honest review and honestly this is an amazing series and I would recommend them to anyone.  

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