Sunday, 28 June 2015

REVIEW!!! Larry the Lonely by Emily Chand (Bird Brain #9)

Larry the Lonely (a Bird Brain Book)



I received this Arc for an honest review! I read it to my son his comments were “I love the drawings (well done Noelle Giffin) they are so detailed. It’s sad that Larry doesn't have any friends. It’s sad that he wouldn't be friends with the other animals. It’s good that he realized that he could be friends with the animals.”

A great children’s story that shows that you don’t need to be the same to be friends that differences aren't bad things. Being friends with anyone is a good thing whether its racism or disability. This is a good story the only issue I have with it, is Larry is resting in the crook of the highest tree. How did he get up there?  Dodos couldn't fly.

A Bird Brain Book: Larry the Lonely (A Dodo Bird Makes New Friends) (Bird Brain Books Book 9)

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