Thursday, 14 May 2015

REVIEW!! McKay's Serial Killer Shifter by Skye Eagleday

McKay's Serial Killer Shifter: Passion, Magic and Murder (Highland Shifter Paranormal Romance)



McKay is a good read even though it is stated as a standalone book I would highly recommend that you read McKay’s Werewolf Ways and Roots and Fairy’s Scottish Shifter Romance   before reading McKay’s serial killer. In saying this I didn’t read the first two books and was a bit confused on the relationship s between the characters, this then took me awhile to get into the story.

Considering all this I found parts of the story where I was going “Oh No!!” I was developing feelings for the characters. Which would have been stronger if I had of been on the journey with them from the start.
McKay and his lover Niall a Fae travel from Scotland to Seattle to get help from some of the other supernaturals that they know. Mahihkan a Loup- Garou his partner Kerri a powerful witch and a Pooka called Maeve/Rory depending on who they are at the time, her/his partner Fiona who is a Leprechaun.
McKay has been possessed by the spirit of the “Master of Storms and Lightning” him and Niall travel to find if their friends are able to help him control his powers. All the while keeping a watchful eye out for rouge Garou named Krieger and his friendly Vampire killer Leela. Krieger is after Mahihkan with the help of Leela he is able to kill the enforcers that are sent after him.

McKay actually finds the most help from a chance encounter with a psychic who tells him more about his powers and ways to help centre himself and his powers. Once he gets his powers under control they find and confront Krieger.

I received this book to do an honest review. I found the storyline gripping and will be reading the others to get the full impact of the storyline. I would recommend this to any reader of paranormal romance.

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