Tuesday, 26 May 2015

REVIEW!!! Reach for the Sky by Gwen Knight

Reach for the Sky (Wolffe Peak, #1)



Wow Reach For The Sky starts in a big way. It grabs your attention from the first page. An action packed story that is a real page turner.A very dislike able bad guy whose identify is kept a secret until the last, which really has you on the side of the good guys. A serial killer stalker has picked the wrong woman to obsess over, now that she has the alpha looking after her.

When Skylar Callahan a lone wolf as she was exiled from her pack, starts getting strange phone calls and letters she turns to the local sheriff Shane Carlton (human) for help. While she is away three murders of blond blue eyed woman take place. Shane calls on the Alpha of the local were pack Wyatt Turner for help. Now she not only has the police protection she has the local pack looking out for her.

After Wyatt and Skylar head back to her home pack the place it all started things come dramatically tragic conclusion. There can only be one winner!!!

I received this ARC for an honest review and I can honestly say I was not disappoint this is a great action packed story. A story all readers of shifters will enjoy.

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