Saturday, 30 May 2015

REVIEW!! Fighting Chance by A. Scott & L. Miller

Fighting Chance


Parker is a Navy Seal whose ship goes missing at sea, that leaves his fiance Lennox with more questions than answers and devastated. The not knowing if he is alive, dead or what is happening or what has happened to him.  Lennox tries to get on with her life but nothing seems to have meaning for her anymore.
Axton looks after his mum who has cancer when she dies he feels all adrift. With the money she left him he is able to move and be closer to his brother Dean. A chance meeting where Lennox works, between her and Axton. Feelings start stirring in both of them that neither is sure they are ready to face. When they finally face their feelings it may be too late as a terrible accident threatens to take Axton. They just recover from this then Parker returns from the dead.
He is not the same man he was before he went missing. Can Lennox and Parker make a go of things or has he changed too much? What about Axton which one will win and get the key to Lennox’s heart?
After receiving this Arc for an honest review I can honestly say I was not disappointed

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