Thursday, 21 May 2015

REVIEW!!! Beneath The Broken Moon (Part 1) - Sarah Makela

Beneath the Broken Moon: Part One (Broken, #1)



Beneath the broken moon is a great read and a nice introduction into the characters. For the broken moon series I would have liked more information as to how the moon broke, why and what happened after.
Carmela Santiago is a female werewolf and in this time frame females are needed for breeding as the race is becoming extinct. Her abusive A**hole of a father has a fellow shifter chosen to be her mate she is not at all in favor of this.

While out with her cousin, hunters attack the movie theater while escaping she is shot and rescued by a vampire Derek Ashmore. Has she gone from bad to worse as werewolves and vampires are sworn enemies. She agrees to go on a date with the man that her father chose. Who seems to be a kind and caring man (werewolf) Brendan Kelly he is not at all what she is expecting. Will this sexy vampire be the end of Carmela’s heart or will she settle for the man her father has chosen for her?

As this is not set in our timeline I felt some more back ground information would have been helpful to clarify what has happened and how they arrived at how they have reached where they are.
Having received this ARC for an honest review. I would recommend this as a good read. I look forward to reading part 2 to see how the rest of the story takes us.

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