Wednesday, 6 May 2015

REVIEW!!!! Flavor Of The Week - Candy Caine

Flavor of the Week: An Interracial Romance


Flavor of the week – Candy Cane

Raven a lawyer unhappy with the law firm she is working with leaves her job to work in an ice-cream parlour. Her well-meaning Aunt Dottie who took Raven in when she was orphaned at 6. Dottie convinces psychologist Lucas Lusk to talk to Raven without her knowing that Dottie sent him.
Lucas sent to Raven to see if she has lost her mind and to try and talk her into going back to practice law. Lucas may find that he has gotten into more than he expected.
Lucas is a modern day “hero” a knight in shining armour his whole life is about helping people and he does not consider himself a hero at all the modesty is refreshing and very endearing.
Not only was there one twist in this book but there were two. I had a feeling that something was going to happen but the way it played out was not what I was expecting. I was kept turning the pages to find out how the twists would be resolved.
Raven and Lucas are not looking for love as they both have been hurt in the past. I have a feeling that love may find them. Betrayal and hurt may be too much for Raven to overcome to get to her happy ever after. This makes a great read for any romance lover, I highly recommend this book to the romance lovers or to anyone that enjoys a good read.

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