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BLOG TOUR & REVIEW!! One Foot Outside The Door (Amorous #1) by Vina St Fran

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One Foot Outside the Door by: Vina St. Fran Amorous #1 
Publication Date: April 15, 2015 

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Good lovin’ is easy…But true happiness is harder to find… To anyone on the outside looking in through the door of Cyndarella Worthy’s life, it looks like she’s got it all. At thirty-two, she’s beautiful and successful, with a handsome brother lover, Thad Mitchell. But deep in her heart, she holds a candle for Bashar Bazzi, the Chaldean immigrant she loved ten years ago. Bashar left for Iraq and she never saw him again, and she assumes he made a marriage within his own community without a backward glance.
Cyn’s girlfriends, Tavie, Denise and Vette, know that their sister still carries the scars of Bashar, but they pray she’ll find love and peace with Thad. Anyway, they’ve got issues too: Tavie’s dating smart school principal, Mack Dooley, but she can’t escape the rumors that he’s playing around; Denise’s marriage to Sean is under pressure because she hasn’t conceived a second child; Vette’s dating an older guy, Louis Burns, but wonders if she’ll ever get a ring on her finger. When Thad proposes to Cyn and she accepts, it looks like this sister’s finally on her way to true happiness. But no sooner are the celebrations done, when there’s trouble—Bashar Bazzi is home, and he’s ready to settle his unfinished business with Cyn… Book #1 in the The Amorous Trilogy

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About Vina St. Fran

Vina St. FranHi. I'm Vina St. Fran, a Michigan native and I write contemporary romance stories for a mature audience. I am also Political Contributor for, which is an online news publication. Let me expound upon what drives me to write as an author. I like creating stories about powerful, kick-ass women who make it happen in the boardroom and the bedroom without apologies. You will find my novels may contain characters of different ethnic backgrounds who add spice to the plot, and makes for interesting reading. My female heroines are confident and charismatic, yet they are vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. The realism is heartfelt, for to love is to risk. They find certain situations push them to the brink of despair, yet in the middle of it all they manage to enjoy amazing, fulfilling sex lives with their significant others, which is thrilling and downright erotic. The end result is that the characters mature, and develop into stronger women.

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Reviewed by Donna

Four very good friends take us on a journey with them through the tears and happiness that they have.  Going into this ARC blind I thought from the name Cyndarella that this would be some sort of modern day Cinderella story I am pleased to say I was wrong.

Cyndarella (Cyn) Worthy owns her own advertising agency and has a boyfriend, Thad Mitchell. Cyn has never gotten over the love of her life in Bashar Bazzi--her high school sweetheart and her college lover. when Bashar turns up again after being held captive for years how will this effect her decision about marring Thad?

Cyn’s best friends take us on this journey with them they are: Octavia (Tavie) Slade who is a school teacher who thinks she has found Mr Right with Mackenzie Dooley who is a principle at another school. The journey we go through with Tavie is heart wrenching.
Denise (Dee) Lincoln who has also works for Cyn in her advertising agency. Dee is the “lucky” one in the group as she is only one with a husband and a child. She shows it’s not easy to balance motherhood, being a wife and a career as well as trying to make a baby.

Corvette (Vette) Vern is the only white girl in the quartet and is in a committed relationship with a man 12 years her senior and has her own court reporting business. Unfortunately for Vette her mouth has a habit of running away with her.
These are four successful women who trying to find time in their busy lives for each other, romance, family, and even time for themselves.

 The twists and turns that show how past choices and decisions effect where they are now as they enter their 30s and find they aren’t where they thought they would be with the person they thought they would be with.

Having received One Foot Outside The Door as an ARC to read for an honest review I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a good romance. 

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