Wednesday, 20 May 2015

REVIEW!!! Some Like It Easy (Going Royal #5) - Heather Long

Some Like it Easy


Heather Long is a masterful storyteller whether in a contemporary romance such as this or if it’s in her shifter stories.

George Dagmar the youngest of the three Dagmar children is a privileged spoilt brat of a Prince. When he is kicked out of his college is surprised when his elder brother the Grand Duke Armand cuts off his finances. Forced to choose between the only three universities that will take him after, generous donation from his family. He settles for the University of New York.

George’s sister-in-law Penny also attends the same university and she is asked by her sister to keep an eye on our spoilt Prince.  Penny with the help of Mallory her roommate/ Best friend take pity on George and share their food, alcohol and coffee with him and spend a lot of their time with him. Penny and Georges friendship soon moves from friendship to romance. Along the way of our story George grows up and Penny actually matures, with the normal trials and tribulations affect their relationship.

I read this without the benefit of the other books which was fine but for maximum enjoyment I would recommend that you read the Going Royal series in order. This is my honest review after receiving the ARC for one. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a good romance story.

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