Monday, 11 May 2015

REVIEW!! Dragon's Kiss (Shadow of the Dragon #1) by Tielle St. Clare


Fun read. Hero is a dragonslayer who gets bitten by a dragon - which in this world means he's going to turn into a dragon. His younger brother takes him to 'the woman who studies dragons' in hopes she can help...

King Kei wakes up and finds out he is going to turn into a dragon. He is horrified and plans to suicide - after he's set up his younger brother to take over the kingdom. Lorran talks him into staying while she studies the transition. He doesn't fight very hard because of his overwhelming obsession with Lorran. Then he starts hearing another voice in his head saying 'Mine!' every time he looks at Lorran. He fears he might hurt Lorran so he blows her off and goes back to the castle.

Avoiding spoilers, Lorran is threatened, he turns into a dragon to save her and then flies away. His brother feels he must slay the dragon but Lorran thinks she might have the solution...

There's a lot of Energizer bunny sex but it has an interesting plot, good characters and cute dialog. And the Epilogue [20+ years later] is hysterical! 
**Warning** Tthe heroine has [oral] sex with the hero in dragon form - if that bugs you stay away from these four.

Shadow of the Dragon
1. Dragon's Kiss
2. Dragon's Fire
3. Dragon's Rise
4. Dragon's Prey

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