Saturday, 30 May 2015

REVIEW!!! Love Beyond Time (The Outsiders #1) by Rebecca Royce

Love Beyond Time by Rebecca Royce



This is the first of The Outsiders series it give a background into what happening. Like all good firsts should do. 18 individuals, 9 males, 9 females and 9 pairs of soul mates they are strong separately but together they make a complete unit that make their power stronger. 
A good versus evil story where the Outsiders are the good, they are trying to bring balance to the world and stop evil taking over in the forms of demons. The evil at the moment is demon called Sebastian.

The leader of the outsiders Abraxas sends all 18 of the children to safety with Veli but only three (Leonardo, Charma, Kal) make it to him the rest are scattered all over the world they find Marina. Veli and the three he have then spend time either looking for the others or running for their lives from Sebastian. It is only when all 18 are together as soul mates that they can defeat the Evil.
In Love Beyond Time (Kal) finds his soul mate in Isabell.  While they are getting to know each other Drew turns up and he is the soul mate for Marina. Unfortunately Drew doesn’t think that he is good enough or that he wants to be involved in what is happening.

Kal gets pulled through space and the other need to find him before it is too late. When Kal is found they also find that two more outsiders (Gabriel and Alexa) are with Sebastian they believe that Sebastian is good and the Outsiders are the evil that need to stopped.

After receiving this Arc for an honest review I can honestly say I was not disappointed and think any reader of the paranormal will enjoy this story

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