Saturday, 16 May 2015

REVIEW!!! Wolf Born (The Wolf Born Saga Book 1) by N. Gosney

Wolf Born



Seth is the leader of a three man pack him, his brother Kyle and their friend Devon, they are determined to make more werewolves. Seth and his pack mates change a group of friends( Ian, Jackson, Rob and Gary)  that Devon hangs around with. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned as the new wolves have hallucinations and one of them gets attacked and killed. One of the newly turned wolves gets away and goes and attacks his girlfriend to change her as well.

Carly shows she has some amazing skills and turns out to be an asset to the pack. When her boyfriend   Rob is killed by the hunters that are hunting the pack. Carly is then told she belongs to the pack leader Seth. Carly isn't having any part of this. With the hunters after the pack they are on the run trying to stay ahead of the hunters.

There is plenty of action and drama to keep you turning the pages. All the way through I was aware that something wasn't as it seems but it was like a puzzle piece was missing so I had to keep turning the pages to find my missing piece.

Also after the pack is a group of skin walkers that need the pelts of animals to change. These skin walkers are after the “Wolf Born” wolf it looks like this could be Seth but is it? They need the wolf born for a ritual.
I received this ARC for an honest review. I don’t want to say too much more in case I give too much away.  N. Gosney is a master story teller and I am happy to recommend this book to lovers of any form of paranormal stories.  Anyone who reads this story is sure not to be disappointed. 

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