Monday, 25 May 2015

REVIEW!! Malcolm (The Alpha #1) by Jessica Cage

Malcom (The Alpha #1)



Exiled from his pack beta Malcom is on the run for his life from Vincent the alpha he once would protect with his life. Living in isolation to protect the lives of the innocent and the wolves he used to call brother. Malcom runs to the one place they are least likely to chase him vampire territory and his friend Mara. Mara agrees to help Malcom.

Vincent’s sister Stephanie turns to Malcom for help to save Vincent as he is losing his grip on reality and the pack.  After an encounter with a vampire named Duvien, Malcom returns to the pack he finds some of the pack is fleeing for their safety from the psychotic alpha. Another pack has agreed to take them in and help them. Malcom again is cast into the role of protector this is to his dismay as he is only there for one thing and that’s not to help the pack that turned their backs on him.

Action packed page turner of a book, full of tragedy and heartache all in the name of love. With a nice twist at the end that brought a tear to my eye. After receiving this Arc for an honest review I can honestly say I was not disappointed and think any reader of the paranormal will enjoy this story.

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