Tuesday, 21 January 2014

NEW RELEASE!! Marking Melody by R.E. Butler

Release Date - 20th January
Ashland Pride #3
Marking Melody (Ashland Pride)
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All were-mountain lion Melody Marx ever wanted was to find her mate and start a family. After being rescued from her own people by two mountain lions, she knows that she's found not just one mate, but two. She goes with them to their old home in Pennsylvania, but finds an even chillier reception than she found in Ashland.

Tristan and Micah Harrison would do anything to keep Melody safe, even if it means walking away from the Ashland Pride and their own family forever. When problems arise in their hometown of King, Pennsylvania, it turns out that the males aren't the only ones who don't approve of their mating.

Be prepared for two males with plans to hold onto their mate forever, a female searching for a place to call home, and an enemy who is always looking for new ways to wreak havoc in the males' lives. This book contains sweet males, a feisty female, and m/f/m interaction.

Quick notes
Being the lucky bitch I am, I beta-read this months ago. It's a great continuation of the Ashland Pride series and goes into more detail about why the females of the pride are complete and utter bitches. It even explores more than one mate set storyline. We see a previous character accepted back into the fold and find her mates - I feel for them all as it's going to be a loooong wait for their book!
It's full of action and nicely moves along to the end. Go explore R.E. Butler!

Ashland Pride
#1 Seducing Samantha
#2 Loving Lachlyn
#3 Marking Melody - Out now!
#4 Redeeming Rue (coming later in 2014!)

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