Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Deathblow (Broslin Creek #4) by Dana Marton

Deathblow (Broslin Creek #4)

Can you say ‘Holy freakin’ riveting first chapter, Batman!’?

What a way to start a book Dana!

Joe Kessler is handcuffed in the back of a cop car, arrested while undercover and in the process of drowning after their car is run off the road and into the river. OMG! The suspense!
But I guess that’s what Dana Marton is best known for writing. Awesome and riveting suspense romance novels. This is no exception to her Broslin Creek collection. I’m not even finished the first chapter yet but I’m thoroughly hooked already.
Before chapter two, throw in a heroine with an abusive ex and no self-confidence and I won’t be surfacing til I finish the book! Unfortunately for me, 1am arrives and I have to call it a night. Reluctantly though, it must be noted, that I leave this enthralling piece of writing and go to bed.

Wendy is a model who, at the tender age of sixteen, was sucked into the world of modelling and whisked off to New York. She is seduced by a much older man who doesn’t show her his true personality until it is much too late. Leaving is ultimately harder now too, with a child borne of them both and him refusing to waive custody of the boy. Poor Wendy has been conditioned to believe that his actions are her fault and that she needs to change – weight, jobs, etc – to be able to avoid his anger and temper.
Her only friend, Sophie (from Deathtrap) gets her to leave her apartment and stay at her house while Sophie’s partner, Bing, gets Joe onto protection detail for Wendy. The difficulty for Wendy is that she’s met Joe briefly before – a hot, sweaty and heart-pounding meeting – and resists a repeat of that night. Despite how wonderful it was.

There are secrets kept on both sides – hers personal, his work related – but the trust is being built up and Joe gets along famously with Wendy’s son, Justin. And all this by Chapter 7.
The suspense and action keep building with Wendy’s ex being much too possessive for anyone’s liking and Joe’s undercover work calling him away from their shared accommodations. I’m not going to spoil it anymore, but I can tell you that it’s a fantastic continuation of the Broslin Creek series and well worth the read. 
From the first line of the book, Dana whisks you along on a journey you want nothing to interrupt. It’s fast paced and has you begging for quiet so you can just read. Her characters, as always, are solid and likeable people (except the villains of course – well, they’re solid, just not likeable)
Get to know the other characters in Broslin first by indulging in Deathwatch, Deathscape, Deathtrap and then Deathblow to fully appreciate the town and its inhabitants. Have some tissues handy though, crying for a page or so is very likely

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