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Author Lowdown with Patricia A Knight

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Who is your favourite author?
Wow ... I’m limited to one? Tell that to my “keeper shelf” that lines the inside of my three car garage from floor to ceiling. These are the books that I read over and over again. Seriously. They line a “room” 20’x30’x8’. Kinda like asking a mom to pick her favorite child. <smile> 
Here are some: 
Sci/Fi & Fantasy ~ Robert A. Heinlein, Roger Zelazny, Guy Gavriel Kay, J.R. Tolkien, Anne Bishop, Kaitlin O’Connor; 
Paranormal Romance ~ Ilona Andrews, Robin McKinley, Lauren Dane, Denise Rosetti, Joey Hill, Emma Holly, D.B. Reynolds; 
Romance ~ Loretta Chase, Julia Ross, Stephanie Laurens ... I think I’d better stop here, <laughter>, I could go on for several pages.

Are there any new authors that have grabbed your interest?
I don’t know that the authors are new ... they are just new to me; Abigail Roux, Kim Dare, C.S. Pacat

Which character was the hardest to write and why?
The hero in my current work-in-progress is proving elusive. He is a very self-contained, locked down dominant male. He doesn’t talk to me as much as my other male leads did. He just gives me this steady look from under half-lidded eyes, like, “I have it handled.” Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t get into my characters much do I? 

Why did you choose to write romance?
Finally! An easy question to answer. I believe in happy endings. The girl getting the boy and everyone lives happily ever after.

What kind of romance is your favourite style to write?
Epic fantasy or futuristic romance. The possibilities for the worlds are endless. The struggles are on a grand scale.

If you weren’t an author, what would you have ended up doing?
At various times in my life I have wanted to be a horse trainer, professional singer/dancer, English literature professor and/or artist.

Do you have any rituals/habits when you write?
Nope. I do try to make myself write 1,000-1,500 words a day ... but I fail at that miserably. I have discovered that I simply cannot log onto gmail or twitter or facebook or goodreads and expect to get ANYTHING done. It’s like that saying I have posted on my Facebook page:
“I meant to behave ... there were just so many other options.”

Your house is burning and you have to grab five things - what would you grab?
EEEEK! Hmmm … my first edition of Samuel Shellebarger's - "The Prince of Foxes", my jewelry box, the black ring binder with all our legal papers, my laptop and my purse.

What embarrassing item would you let burn?
I couldn’t possibly tell you. :) Then my secret would be out. That’s why I keep them in the attic. I will tell you that owning this many is illegal in the State of Texas. :)

What is on your current and upcoming release schedule?
I have an amazingly indulgent publisher. Troll River sort of lets me work at my own pace. So, that having been said, here is the TENTATIVE plan:

Early 2014 - Hers To Claim - Verdantia Book 4
Mid 2014 - Hers To ???? - Verdantia Book 5
Summer 2014 - The Dry Season - A hot WESTERN romance.
And assorted novellas and vignettes throughout the year: Contemporary BDSM short story, Short story with Doral, Ari and Fleur, Short story with Ramsey DeKieran and Steffania.

Where are your books available? 

When using a nome de plume, is it weird to have emails etc. addressed to your other name?
I use a pen name (because of the erotic nature of my books), and while I know the "real name" of my critique partners, we have all agreed to call each other by our pen names to avoid "oopsies."  In the beginning it was a little weird to be called a different name. Now, I find I have to be careful not to use my pen name during "normal" times. 

BTW--I have had a couple of occasions to be very thankful I wrote under a "nome de plume". There are some real crazies out there.

Where can people contact you?

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