Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fire of the Dragon (Bestiary #1) by Lori Dillon


This is a lovely little fairy tale, complete with a time-traveling maiden – and a not-so-willing dragon who is (of course) really a knight under a curse … 

Well, okay, the heroine doesn’t think it’s lovely to get dropped in the middle of a bunch of medieval re-enactors – or are they really crazy cultists? – who plan to sacrifice a maiden to an obviously non-existent dragon. Except he’s not non-existent. And he’s not really a dragon, at least not entirely and not all the time. And the townsfolk aren’t re-enactors, either. It really is the 13th century. Welcome to Camelot Gone Wild …

It seems that Baelin, knight of the realm and SLAYER of dragons crossed a witch one day. When he refused to serve her she turned him into one of the dragons he stalked. Once a year he had a chance to break the curse, that’s why he required a village maiden. They must pass 3 tests – what tests he doesn’t know except they will require the knightly virtues – and they must be completed by the next full moon or he’s back to being a dragon.  This has been going on for 216 years…

Being a take-charge kind of girl, Jill starts packing to go quest hunting. Baelin, who has internalized a few too many dragonly attitudes doesn’t want to leave his lair undefended and he really worries about his treasure.

Baelin and Jill encounter many challenges, both from the quests and from simply living in a medieval society. The problems are further compounded by the fact that one of the travelers has bat wings and can turn into a dragon and the other has no real clue … Lots of action and lots of interaction as the hero and heroine learn to like and then love each other.

The plot was exciting, and the characters were well-drawn people that we come to care for.  This is listed as Bestiary #1 so I’m assuming the author intends for there to be more.  The threads are definitely laid for more stories.  I look forward to reading them.

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