Thursday, 9 January 2014

Adrift ...

We find ourselves adrift, in an ocean full of rips and tides. Going with the flow or fighting the waves is what we ask of ourselves as our mouths fill with water and an unknown entity pulls us under ... We thrash in the water, holding on to every last skerrick of breath we have. Arms flailing with no purchase. Legs kicking against no bottom. Darkness shrouding our vision ...

Then, against all odds, a wave thrusts us upwards. Towards the surface we go, closer and closer to life giving oxygen. We break the surface, spluttering, gasping, lungs heaving, head spinning. The blackness retreats, replaced by eyeball searing sunlight. The waves pound at our backs, pushing us ever closer to the shoreline, and the safety that lies within our grasp. Although, it's not quite in reach and we have to endure the curls and breakers before we can reach our destination.

A sand bank beneath our feet allows us to steady our balance as the water undulates around us. We stagger up the beach before collapsing in joy among the gently lapping waves, caressing our battered and exhausted bodies. We look up. We look around. This is not the place we left from. This is not familiar at all. The jungle up the beach and the rocks along the shoreline.

No, this is definitely not where we started, but it sure looks like a great place to begin again.

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  1. Yay! Bravo! Well put. I love the imagery and symbolism.