Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Trancehack (Magic Born #1) by Sonya Clark

Trancehack (Magic Born, #1)

Sucked in from the word ‘Go’.

Magic Born are segregated in Zones, Normal’s have the run of the best of the country. A DNA test at birth determines which side of the wire you live on and whether you grow up in a family or in an orphanage.
This book just accentuates what I dislike about the human race and being afraid of what you don’t understand. Personally, I see magic as a great gift, if you have the power and responsibility to wield it. I think that’s one of the reasons I love paranormal books so much. The ideas resonate with me and let me escape into a world where the ‘abnormal’ and ‘unacceptable’ are actually accepted and considered normal.

In saying that, there is only one who accepts the weird and strange in this book - our hero, Nate. From the moment he meets Calla, he wants her. Wants to know her and wants to understand what’s different about the Magic Born people. He’s the one Normal who accepts them all for they are and isn’t afraid of what they can do. He’s fascinated and just wants to learn more. However, being thrown into the Zone on a murder investigation, of course, is not going to make him any friends in a hurry. However, he does manage to enlist the guidance of Calla, for a price.

Sonya Clark tells a wonderful story and I will certainly be seeking out more of her books in the future. Although I had to take timeout from reading to attend to kids and cupcakes, I would’ve been quite content to sit and read without unnecessary breaks!!

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