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The Song Of My Spirit 1

The Song of My Spirit
The Journey to become a better me
By Kristen Debler

2014 is upon us, ready and waiting. She is waiting for us to take the time to celebrate our blessings, to celebrate an old year gone and past, and to celebrate a new beginning. Whatever was not accomplished last year can be accomplished this year. We can dream a new dream, make new adventures and celebrate being alive. The New Year is time for reflection and resolutions. It is the time to reflect on ourselves and what we want to change this year. It is about creating new resolutions that will make us better people and better products of ourselves. It is a type of rebirth.

This Christmas, I found myself celebrating, or what I could do to celebrate, with my husband’s side of the family. I say this because I can’t do the same things that I could do five years ago, i.e. physically. Each year, things have been getting harder because I have a weight problem. Normal, every day things have become a struggle. I watch people move around and do things so easily, and I remember what that was like. I don’t know when or how it got this bad. It doesn’t matter really. Even if I understood the reasons that made me this way, it doesn’t change the fact that one day, I woke up and I was someone else. I looked in the mirror and I did not recognize who I saw. Frankly, it’s uncomfortable, painful (mentally, emotionally and physically), and scary.

There is much to celebrate this New Year. For the first time in nineteen years, the New Year will start out with a New Moon; the Capricorn New Moon to be exact. Pluto will also be joining the new moon on January 1st and that is actually a good thing. Pluto himself is the god of change, more importantly the archetypal energy of death, initiation, rebirth and transformation. Pluto himself energizes evolution. We as people and individuals need to learn how to adapt to the world around us. This includes understanding our strengths and especially our weaknesses. Knowing our weaknesses is important because this is the only way we can overcome them. For instance, knowing one of my reactors to stress is eating; the first step to overcoming this is to buy more fruits, vegetables or healthy snacks for these times can be a way for me to maintain my weight. Also, knowing that exercise is a good way to curb stress can be another tool to fight this disease that is holding me back.

The Capricorn Moon has a huge influence on the outcome of our resolutions. It is very important as adults to learn to discipline our minds, understand and channel our feelings and dedicate ourselves to our spiritual purpose. We as Women need to understand that the feminine spirit is alive and calling us at this time to create a new story about our inner world and our place in it. We as Women need to discover the power of our inner freedom and learn the language of the wisdom within us.

As, I was sitting at the table enjoying Christmas dinner, I started thinking about all of the things that my culture and family have taught me about who I am. This person that I have become doesn’t define who I am inside and who I can be in the future. It is just another obstacle that I can overcome. Our culture calls these struggles or obstacles, the song of our soul. Each note is a step to make us better people.  So, this New Year, I have a set of resolutions that I need to work on to make me a better person. These resolutions, I believe, will help me discover the inner freedom within myself. The path to my inner freedom is going to be sung like a song. Every note will be one step closer to reaching three goals that I am going to set for myself. The first goal is to work on my physical self, whether it is my health or my weight. The first step is to find out what my weaknesses are. Then I can create steps to overcome those weaknesses.  In my next piece, I will address these weaknesses and will discuss the steps that I will take to start my journey.  

This is the first part of my song; the part that takes the first step in admitting that I have a problem and that I need to change. Here is to the New Year of 2014 and making me a better person.

                  “Language has power, like a pair of wings.
Wings that can carry the message of the spirit to another
Well, then why can’t my language have wings?
So, that my pain would fly away,
Fly away to the place where it belongs.

Tradition binds me
Like the corn to the earth
Who only nourishes, many, when she is harvested and picked.
Tradition binds me
From being this corn mother-
For, she speaks of things not yet spoken.
She speaks of things to personal to allow.

I have now found my Spirit,
I have now heard my Song,
And will speak of the things not yet spoken
I will allow them to be heard."

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