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REVIEW - Unholy Creations by C. Shell


My name is Kara Radcliff and I’m a witch. Not the pointy hat and black cat kind that you see on Halloween, but a true spell casting, sneaker wearing, party loving, kick-ass witch.

Until two weeks ago, that is all I was and all I ever wanted to be. My expectations in life didn’t soar higher than graduating college and finding a decent job that would help pay off my mounting student loans.

All of that went out the window when I received the invitation.

I've been selected to compete for the chance of a lifetime. If I win, not only will I fulfill the newly vacant spot as an Associate, but I will be leaving my family behind to go live and work alongside the four Rulers of our paranormal community. I will be trusted in helping them keep our kind safe and hidden from the humans and those among us that prefer to cause trouble and mayhem. Every society has hoodlums, our kind just happen to cause more destruction than most.

Being an Associate is an honor. The job is dangerous and will require me to go up against Fae, shifters, witches, and vampires that are much more powerful and stronger I could ever hope to be. I love kicking butt and casting spells, but even I have my limits.

On top of everything, I seem to have caught the attention of two of the Rulers. Only I could go from having no men in my life to having one too many. Neither man is used to hearing the word, “No”, and although my mind says the word often, my mouth and body keep saying, “Yes”. What is a witch to do?

Am I up for this new challenge? Yes.
Can I handle the danger? Yes.
Will my heart survive the journey? Maybe.

This is my screwed up story. This is my crazy life, and this is the just the beginning.

Review by The Queen B

This is the first in a new series by C. Shell and I'll tell you right now, I'm really looking forward to the rest of what is on offer.
You get that Kara is a witch from the blurb and that there's an invitation to compete to be an Associate. There are vampires, shifters, mage and fae all overseen by a Ruler from each race and Associates under them, to protect against the worst of the worst.
Two weeks of trials and the Rulers and other Associates have made their ruling. That is overruled by a Seer, whose word is pretty much law. Kara is none too happy about the news and the measures taken to make her one of them.
I really like Kara. She's a bit mouthy, has wicked taste in sparkly shoes, and has no inner filter (my kind of chick!), and she seems to have attracted the attention of the shifter Ruler, Derick... HOTNESS!
Oh, she's also got the vampire Ruler after her too. His name is Cam. Both males balance her in different ways and it'll be interesting to see what happens between them as the series goes on. There's an advantage for Kara having met Derick. His magic is speaking to hers and now she can extra cool stuff, like...
No more spoilery!
It really is worth the read, and although I've seen people review that it's a cliffhanger ending, it really isn't. You know it's part one of a series and the page count will tell you it's on the smaller side, therefore there's a heap to come. Plus, you'll see the 95% mark and know with certainty that it's nowhere close to finishing! This doesn't detract from the enjoyment. And really, the ending is just like the end of a TV series episode to keep you coming back for the next one (which, let me tell you, you'll want to).
I do wonder if Ms Shell has done screen writing at all for that knack of how to keep you dangling!
If it wasn't for my 3yr old talking to me throughout a chunk of this, I would quite easily have gotten lost within the world created. As it was, she'd call me and I'd have to quickly re-adjust to where I was. I do love a good book that drags you in and keeps you there.
Fabulous read, go click that Buy button now!

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