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COVER REVEAL!! The Alpha's Heart (Wilde Creek #2) by R.E. Butler

The Alpha's Heart (Wilde Creek #2) by R.E. Butler
Expected Release Date: April 10, 2014

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Alpha wolf Acksel wakes up one morning in the bed of the one human who was kind to him in school. Now, ten years later, Brynn Mara is snuggled up at his side, smelling like passion and sweet dreams. Even though Acksel has declared that his pack members can mate with humans from now on, he knows that any woman he takes as his mate will have a target on her back. Especially if she’s a fragile human. Deciding it’s better to cut things off than string her along when there’s no hope for a relationship, he leaves without a word and ignores her.

But it doesn’t matter if Acksel acknowledges her or not, because their night of passion has left a permanent reminder of what happens when one drunk wolf forgets protection. Angry, banished wolves from his pack discover Brynn’s secret and decide to use her against Acksel. His worst fears have come true, and the only woman who ever touched his heart is now suffering because of his mistake.

This book contains one ticked off, emotionally damaged alpha, the human woman who can tame him, and a sweet little surprise that no one expected.

About the Author
R.e. Butler

A midwesterner by birth, R.E. lives on the East Coast now, enjoying the seagulls and the ocean. When she's not writing, you'll find her curled up with her Kindle, playing with her kids, or jonesing for chocolate.

Author of five series, R.E. loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month.

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A sharp knocking on the door startled Brynn awake, and she rolled off the couch in surprise.  Her knees slammed into the carpet and she gasped in shock.  She hadn’t meant to fall asleep on the couch.  As she rubbed at her eyes, the knocking on the door continued.  Fixing her blurry gaze on the clock on the television, she saw it was well past midnight.
Standing slowly, she walked to the door.  “Who is it?” she called loudly.  Her mind raced.  Her dad and Mia both had keys to her place and wouldn’t be banging on the door in the middle of the night.
“Open the door.  I just want to see you.”
No.  Way.
There was no possible way on earth that Acksel Moore was banging on her door at this hour.  Or any hour, for that matter.
She flipped on the switch to turn on the porch light and drew in a deep breath.  The lock clicked as she turned it and pulled the door open.  Standing in the harsh light was the most gorgeous man she’d ever known.  The star of every dirty fantasy she’d ever had.
And he looked like someone had shot his puppy.
His gray eyes were red and he reeked of whiskey.  His strong jaw was covered with stubble as if he hadn’t shaved in days.  He leaned heavily on the door frame.
“I just want someone to care.”  His words were raw, his tone rough and full of despair.
Her heart cracked painfully as he slumped forward, too drunk to stay on his feet.  She managed to ease his fall to the floor so he didn’t get hurt.  Leaning over, she stroked his forehead.  
“Oh Acksel, I always cared.”

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