Monday, 10 March 2014

Charlotte, Prowling for Enchantment (Take Control #2) by Mima


A virginal young ingénue with self-image problems longs for adventure and books a Caribbean cruise. That evening, dressed in her frumpy clothes and sensible bra, she finds a lounge where two wildly attractive men hit on her. After looking over her shoulder to see if they are looking at someone else, she has to decide.  Is it to be the golden god who looks like a Viking or the dark-haired scoundrel? What will she do?

Now we come to what makes this book different - really, really different. Because the question is not what she’ll do but what you, the reader, will have her do.  Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? This is the adult version.  If you decide on the golden god you click the clearly indicated link and the story proceeds down that branch until you reach another choice. And if you pick the scoundrel’s link you will get an entirely different story with other choices to make along the way. Don’t like the version you picked? Simply back up and choose again…

Because there are really dozens of stories contained in this book, none of them is very long – suitable for a lunch break or perhaps a quick, fun, read before bed. And tomorrow you can make new choices and read an entirely different story. Do not try to read this book linearly – if you read it from cover to virtual cover it would read like somebody had torn chapters out half a different books and pasted them together. The stories only make sense if you follow the branched paths.

Admittedly there were occasional bumps and potholes on those paths. Because of the shortness of any one actual story you don't get a lot of character development. Some of the story tracks are smoother than others but all in all I found it a fun read.

The first book in the Dare to Decide series, Lauren: Riding Off Trail, is a contemporary romance with a western theme. Book two, Charlotte: Prowling for Enchantment, is a paranormal romance. Book three, Becca: Reporting for Duty, is a futuristic romance. All are branched stories. I look forward to trying the other two.

Copy received from Netgalley and publisher for an honest review.

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