Sunday, 2 March 2014

NEW RELEASE!! Mirage (A Goddess Kissed novel) by Anastasha Renee

Mirage (A Goddess Kissed novel) by Anastasha Renee
Release date: February 25th 2014

Mirage (A Goddess Kissed Novel)

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Living in a world never truly meant for her, Ella Reese has tried her whole life to fit into the mold her parents wanted, and not stand out in a small town where gossip reigned supreme. Despised for what she is, she will be lucky to make it through her senior year alive. However, Ella suddenly finds herself thrust onto a journey where she not only discovers she is a powerful Goddess Kissed True Witch but a life mate has also been chosen for her. Slowly falling for her soul mate and reunited with a family who accepts her, Ella's world falls apart when life once again deals her a horrific blow. As she travels the path Fate has set her on, she must uncover the secrets hidden from her or die trying.

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