Thursday, 2 July 2015

REVIEW!!! Wild Mating Season #6 Eliza Gayle

Wild (Devils Point Wolves, #1)



Damien is in the grips of the mating season without the benefit of his mate. Faith turns up unexpected she turns out to be his mate. She is looking for her sister who hasn’t answered her phone for three days. All Faith wants to do is get her sister and get off the island of Devils Point and away from the strip club that she is working in.
Things don’t go as planned for Faith as soon as she gets to Devils Island she is attacked by a rouge wolf and bitten. She is under the impression that it’s only a normal wolf and the worse she has to look forward to is rabies shots. Damien is not happy that another werewolf has his scent on his mate and even worse is it’s not a wolf from their pack. Damien has to face up to what Faith is too him but can Faith face up to what Damien is and what he means to her?
This book is full of action and drama and sizzling sex a good read and a great start to the Devils Point Wolves which I am looking forward to reading.   This is the honest review I was asked to write in exchange for receiving the ARC

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