Tuesday, 7 July 2015

REVIEW!!! Brindle Mating Season #2 V. Vaughn

Brindle (Winter Valley Wolves, #1)



Katie Winslow thought she knew what she was getting into when she agreed with her boyfriend Brindle Lindholm to undergo the change. When she realizes what she had to become she had second thought only it was too late then. Katie runs away from Brindle her mate and trying to run away from what she has become.
While at university which she is not enjoying, the mating season grabs hold of her hard, she finds that normal men aren’t even taking the edge off. Brindle understanding what is happening to her turns up to help her out. Katie goes home for the summer with more secrets she is keeping. When she is home she finally realizes that she made a mistake going to university and this is where she belongs.
The road is not all smooth to get Brindle and Katie to the point they can accept what has happened to them. But a nice read a good start to the Winter Valley Wolves series and a series I hope to read.
This is my honest opinion after being given this as an ARC for said same.  

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