Thursday, 9 July 2015

REVIEW!!! Bear Down By Terra Wolf

Bear Down: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance



Angela left homeless in a city where she knows no one by her sleaze ball of an ex left her. She has had to resort to the occupation that is as old as time to get some money to save to go to school. When on a job she meets Philip, him and his bear are quite a mess, drunk, lonely and rich not the best combination. He and his bear realize that Angela (Angel) is the one for him. Philip gets his act together and asks Angel out what happens next is some panties sizzling sex.
Angel wakes and finds Philip not there she is sure that the worst is going to happen. Why would a smoking hot rich guy want her? Then he goes and tells her they needs to talk as far as she is concerned it the sleazy ex all over again.
When some hoodlums from her neighbourhood who have an issue with Phillip grab her Phillip and his bear are not happy and they are just glad that there are no security cameras around and it was over before anyone got their camera phones out. Phillip and Angel are able to kiss and make up and she is not at all put off by his bear all she is wanting is someone to love her forever.
For a novella this had a surprising amount of action, drama and sex packed into its pages. Phillip is a great male character and is swoon worthy. Angela is a portrait of what a woman in desperate circumstances will do to make some money.
I recived this ARC for my honest review. 

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