Friday, 3 July 2015

REVIEW!!! Iron Mating Season #5 Ronin Winters

Iron: Blue Collar Wolves #1



Iron and Bella have been friends since they were 6! Iron knows Bella is his true mate but he is determined to let her have a “normal” life and mate with another female. Iron also doesn't want to burden Bella with keeping the shifter secrets.
Bella becomes a doctor and while doing her residency she decides she has wasted enough time waiting of Iron to make the first move. Bella has secrets of her own that she has been keeping, she knows all about the shifters and has even seen the pack doctor to take over his practise when she finishes her residence. Bella has given Iron this mating season to claim her as his own or she will move on and find someone else.
It’s a short story that tells its story and sets you up nicely to take us into book 2 of the blue collar wolves. I was wanting to give Iron a shake at one stage as to how thick he was to what was right in front of his nose and why would he settle for less than his fated mate.  
 I received this ARC for my honest review.

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