Wednesday, 1 July 2015

REVIEW!! Ask Me About My Unicorn (B3 Book 2) by Delphina Henley and Regina Wamba

Ask Me About My Unicorn (B3 Book 2)


Ask Me About My Unicorn By Delphina Henley

Having found out that her parents are hunters of the shifter world. Val also found out that she was stolen and not adopted like she was led to believe. Her whole life at this point has been a lie.
Val has been lusting after Lachlan for a couple of years now but he has not followed through on any of the hints she sent out. Val thought that it was a one sided but Lachlan and the unicorn that is also Lachlan knows she is their mate and were trying to give her some time to grow and experience life before he claimed her.
When her parents start targeting the local wolf pack Val decides to help defeat her parents and save the shifters. Val is in for a few surprises along this ride, interesting twists.
It is an enjoyable read but I would recommend reading Unless you can be a unicorn first. I didn't do this and found some parts confusing this no way reflects on the story just me trying to take short cuts.  This was a masterful page turner written by Delphina Henley that had me hooked and I struggled to put this book down.
I received this ARC for my honest review. Would recommend this to anyone.

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