Monday, 18 August 2014

REVIEW Howl - An Anthology of Halloween Shifters by Jeigh Lynn, Raine Weaver, Jet Mykles


A howling-good Halloween anthology with sexy werewolf tales from Jet Mykles, Raine Weaver, and Jeigh Lynn. Happy Howl-o-ween! Leashed: Two for One Deal by Jet Mykles An evil witch gives Meg two weeks to join his coven. Or else. The deadline? Samhain. What's a good witch to do? Magic, of course. She casts an age-old summoning spell to attract a shapeshifter to leash for her protection. It works, but it's a two for one deal: Rudy, a werewolf, and Michael, a werejaguar. Wolfe's Gate by Raine Weaver Grayson's a werewolf, who's sworn never to mate a human woman; he can't control the violence of his change. Red is the one woman who could make him change his mind. When Scarlett "Red" Grier meets Grayson Wolfe, she knows she has to have him. She's determined to bed this big bad Wolfe, even if it means risking her life. All Hallows' Moon by Jeigh Lynn Jill Parker is on her way to a Halloween party when she drives into a wolf. She gets the injured beast into her car, and to shelter. Turns out, Jill's wolf is a werewolf. And he claims that she's his mate. Jill thinks Dash is an outrageous playboy. Now it's up to him to convince her he's telling the truth. And that she should care.

Leashed: Two for One Deal by Jet Mykles Shifter romance - m/m/f - a good read.  
Meg, a not-so-well-trained witch, is being threatened and finally tries the 'leashing' spell to draw a shifter bodyguard and tie him to her to protect her.  She gets two - Michael, a growly, dominant, jaguar shifter and his lover, Rudy, a fun-loving wolf shifter.  As the story develops, the threesome learn that leashes run both ways - tying them together...

Part of the Leashed series:
    * Leashed: Two For One Deal
    * Leashed 2: More Than A Bargain
    * Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story
    * Leashed 3: The Lion’s Share

Wolfe's Gate by Raine Weaver Shifter romance - m/f - OK read.  
The whole 'it was a dark and stormy night' crossed with the red riding hood fairytale seemed a little forced.  Mostly I down check this one for the heroine who seems to be a not particularly nice person to me.  'Red' runs away from things rather than deal with them and her blatant behavior toward the hero, Grayson Wolfe, [who has repeatedly warned her away and walked away from what she's offering] and what she wants from him qualifies as stalkerish.

Doesn't appear to be part of a series.

All Hallows' Moon by Jeigh Lynn [Jeigh Lynn also writes as J.L. Langley] Shifter romance - m/f - pretty good read.  
I liked it and enjoyed the characters a lot, but the plot is a little light.  And did someone hit that boy with the 'stupid stick'?  You meet your human mate, hit her with the fact you're a werewolf, spend the night making love, then depart without leaving a note because you think she won't wake up before you get back?  Needless to say she's gone when he returns...

Part of the Moon series:
All Hallow's Moon - prequel to Moon stories which seem to only be in ebook at this time           
Moon 1: Latin Moon
Moon 2: A Lover's Moon
Moon 3: A New Moon                      
Moon 4: Life, Love and the Moon

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