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NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!! Vengeance is Mine by Kasey Millstead

Title: Vengeance is Mine
Author: Kasey Millstead
 Release Date: August 20, 2014 


Target - Spades Motorcycle Club

They call me The Praying Mantis.

Because after I fuck my target, I kill them.

Vengeance is Mine is a dramatic tale of revenge by way of fatal fucking.
“Look what I did,” I say, grabbing a handful of his cock. “I’m such a naughty girl.” I rub my hand up and down, never breaking eye contact with him.

From USA Today bestselling author Kasey Millstead comes a book that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat as you live the life of Ella Moore. With a heart that's been hardened by the tragic death of her parents, she sets in motion a lethal chain of events that will eventually avenge her parents murders.
'Before my parents' tragic death, I had never been vengeful person. I was nice, quiet, friendly and definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl. But death has a way of changing everything.'
Ella Moore is the epitome of a badass.


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Hmmm...what to say? 
Ella, Ella, Ella. Darling girl, what you force yourself to do in this book grossed me out. I'd want to vomit a little too if I was in your shoes. 

After the death of her parents, and a brief skip into the future, 21 yr old, Ella Moore - The Praying Mantis - is born. In order to exact vengeance for their murders, she joins the Spades MC as one of their whores *shudder* and spends a year gaining trust and fucking them all. All except the Prez. 
Taser ends up being the guy she spends most of her 'down time' with, among other things, 'Mainly because he's not as vile as the others...and he doesn't smell as bad'
I had to chuckle a bit there. 
There aren't many chuckle moments, but then you don't really expect them with the synopsis. There are plenty of gag worthy moments though, where you'll be forgiven for wanting to dry retch or go and heave up your breakfast (or which ever meal you ate last). 

There are books where you can put yourself in the driver's seat, so to speak, when it comes to relating to the characters. I couldn't do it with this. My reading self was planted firmly in the passenger seat for this one, and the back passenger seat at that. I didn't want the ffront windscreen view! The things Ella does physically with the grotty, smelly, foul tasting members of the MC leave a bad taste in my mouth, but it really only adds to the story, and the compulsion she feels to complete the mission she's on. If the mission wasn't so paramount to her finding absolution, she wouldn't be in there, doing questionable things to gross appendages. *gag*  
And despite not wanting to be in the driver's seat with Ella, you kind of get pulled in there anyway, because you do want to dry retch with her, you do feel disgust at what she's doing, but not for acting as a club whore, but for the actual action of being the club whore. I'm not sure if I can explain it better than that. The fact she's gone in there with the end game of their deaths is not an issue for me, it's that journey along the way. Without wanting to gag again, I'll stop here. It's not blood and guts gross, but you'll need a certain amount of steel to your tummy. 
At around the 36K mark, it's a quick enough read to fill up an afternoon and evening but still contains enough action and character growth to be a complete standalone story. So go on, grab your copy now and spend an afternoon with Ella Moore.



Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.



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