Saturday, 23 August 2014

REVIEW Sweet Possession by J. Daniels

Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction, #2)

Review - received an ARC/Beta copy

Argh! Tissues! Get stocked up now before you start, because you're not going to want to tear yourself away for a moment once you actually need them.

What a great continuation of Dylan and Reese's story from Sweet Addiction. Just fabulous! If you haven't read Sweet Addiction, now's the time to go out and grab it. Get ready for September when this baby is released. I laughed, I cried--although you possibly already guessed that--i wanted to tear some eyes out. I declare that Reese Carroll is officially my favourite BBF. OMG! What a man! If my little girls are ever lucky enough to find love from a guy like Reese, I'll be a happy mummy. And possibly a little jealous too.
I love romances, I have to confess. I do love a HEA from the stories I read and searching for one is what keeps me going. I love that this book gives us one complete with a great journey to get there. I agree with the saying, 'it's not about the destination, but about the journey' and that's another reason I love to read. I love the journey the characters go on to find their HEA. Despite the fact that the idealistic HEA and love--like Dylan and Reese find--seems to be unattainable for the majority, it's lovely to dream.
We have characters back from the first book - Brooke is back, harassing the life out of Joey and Bryce is back too, who I desperately wanted to punch. The sleezoid factor in the first book is back and slimier than ever.
So, the book is set in the final ten days before the wedding, six months after the last book ends. Ten days of hen's night, mother/mother-in-law interference, dress fittings and all the other good stuff, packed into over 200 pages of laughter, snarls and tissues.

I loved reading this and eagerly await news on any more books in the series.

"Goddamn it, Billy!"

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