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Awakening the Warriors – Legends of the Seven Galaxies 1.5 by S. E. Gilchrist


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Set in the world of the bestselling title Legend Beyond the Stars, an erotic novella about two warriors who have lost the ability to desire, and the human woman who is about to wake them up.

Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary, safe life and volunteer as a colonist to terra-form a new earth. Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers.

She has one chance of escape: awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.

It’s a desperate job, but someone has to do it.

This is a short story – both in length and time elapsed within the story line. There really isn’t any time to develop a relationship between the heroine and the two warriors who are the heroes. Maybe the Darkon race have one of those “oh yeah, that’s the one!” buttons but the heroine figures she’s just available – sort of a hook-up on the fly. We don’t know, it’s pretty much never discussed.

The story starts with our heroine stuck in a cell with a bunch of other, mostly non-human, females who are assuming they are in for a Bad End. Down the hall are several Darkon warriors the guards have been having a great time beating on. Some of the females tell her that sex can change these guys into supercharged warriors who can get them all out of there. Then they all look at her…

So she’s the one who sneaks out of the cell and into the one holding the Darkon. One of the three has succumbed to his injuries and the other two are pretty much beaten to a pulp. You can pretty much figure out what happens next – sex, escape, sex, rescue, etc. After the escape she keeps trying to leave – after all, they’re not really interested in her, right? Especially when she figures out that the two heroes are more than friends.

Then she sneaks off AGAIN – jumping into yet another dangerous situation and being rescued yet again. And finally they have a little talk…

It was an okay read-once, but I plan to check out Legend Beyond the Stars and see what the author can do with a full novel.

Legends of the Seven Galaxies
1        Legend Beyond the Stars
1.1     The Portal
1.5     Awakening the Warriors
2        Star Pirate's Justice
3        When Stars Collide

Copy received from Netgalley and publisher for an honest review.

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