Saturday, 21 February 2015

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW!! Throttle by Sassie Lewis

 ♥********** IT'S LIVE *************♥
Throttle is live Launch price is 99¢ go on, go hit one-click 


First of all, a word to the wise. 
Grab a towel. Remove panties/knicker/undies (whatever you want to call them). Have something on hand to help you out. This book is HOT!

I couldn't help but want my very own Sin (real name, Cynfor) within the first couple of chapters and would've happily beaten Georgia to have him too! Sassie hasn't just written hot sex though, she's captured the whole book from Sin's POV and done it really well. The issues he has with Georgia; her age and the fact he assumes she's his son's girlfriend. Which is kind of funny because despite thinking that, he still can't keep his hands off her. And whoa! Do his hands go on her... *fans self* Sin's dealing with his undeniable attraction to Georgia, her attitude and his son's sudden emotional distancing. 
I'd highly recommend having a read. I was so hooked after just the first few pages, I ditched everything else for that night and just read...well, I did a little more than just read but in essence, I read! Grab it while it's on sale and get the towel ready to sit on. xxx

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