Friday, 24 October 2014

AUTHOR LOWDOWN with Lucian Bane

If you had to choose a tattoo for someone else to get, what would it be and who would be the victim?
Um. I’d like to have Steve tattoo the word Stud Muffin on his ass cheeks.

Do you have a favourite author? Who is it/are they?
No, I can’t say that I do have a favourite author, lol. Sorry.

How did you start your writing career?
I’m a non-fiction writer by trade, (or used to be)

Which character was the hardest to write and why? 
Hardest to write was Tara. Mostly because I wasn’t real sure of her thought processes. But she tells me I was eerily good at it.

If you write under an alias/Nome de plume, how do you deal with being addressed by that name?
I deal fine with it, lol. I never considered how odd it was that I’d used my alias as my character’s name in the book. But since it was loosely about my life, it seemed to make sense.

How would you classify the genre you write? Why did you choose that genre?
I classify that genre as Vanilla BDSM, which to me, is where two normal people work together to incorporate various aspects of BDSM into their lives. To demonstrate that BDSM must conform to us, not us to BDSM. And above all, our hearts should rule our desires, less we become animals and allow our sexual desires abuse those we should protect, cherish, and love.

If you weren’t an author, what would you have ended up doing?
When I wasn’t writing, I worked in construction.

Do you have any rituals/habits when you write?
Drinking coffee? Hahaha. That’s seriously about it. Boring, I know. Otherwise, I like to snack on salt and vinegar chips and drink ice water and eat the ice. (The water thing is def an addiction)

What would be the weirdest one?
The water one.

What is on your current and upcoming release schedule?
Right now, I’m writing the second book in my paranormal erotic romance series. The first book is Ruin, The Waking. Available exclusively with Amazon. Here is the link: Ruin The Waking

Where are your books available?
 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes.

The Dom Wars series is available
Dom Wars Box Set Round 1, 2 & 3

Dom Wars Box Set Round 4, 5 & 6

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