Monday, 23 November 2015

Blood of the Rose (Embraced 1) by Anya Bast


Behind an illusion of folklore, the Embraced create a barrier between the Dominion and humankind. Penelope Coddington, wealthy daughter of upper class England, was marked at birth to take her rightful place within the ranks of the fully Embraced Vampir.

Aidan O'Shea, a working class Irishman on the Coddington Estate, is also marked. Class difference has kept Aidan and Penelope apart, but soon that will change. The Vampir will realize their birthrights and they will both belong to the same noble, blood-drenched line.

And that's good, because unless these two can come together, it's going to be hell on Earth.

The first in Anya Bast's Embraced series - a well written action oriented vampire paranormal. Bast brings her own 'twist' to the vamp thing by having 'second class' vamps who live off sex energy and the more powerful blood drinkers. Those humans turned but not born to be a vampire mostly end up as Demis. Vampires have evolved to protect humans by fighting the Dominion.

The Dominion are beings who live in another plane who normally 'haunt' the dreams of humans or possess humans so they can suck all the joy and love out of the individual's existence. At intermittent intervals they try to break through into our world and do it wholesale - and the latest effort is going to be in Gilded Age New York.

Bast does her usual outstanding job of introducing multiple fascinating characters with their own plots and then weaving them into the main plot.

I read the second book first - and frankly I should have started at the beginning. Order is important.

1. Blood Of The Rose
2. Blood of the Raven
3. Blood of an Angel
4. Blood of the Damned

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